Many fitness enthusiasts and hardcore bodybuilders are taking very serious anabolic drugs such as prohormones and anabolic steroids. The problem is that many of these users don’t understand how the human body works and how the hormone pathways in the human body cooperate with a foreign substance entering the blood stream. All is good when they are making gains in the gym and increasing strength, but what happens when your body all of a sudden stops receiving these added hormones?

Take for example someone who takes a prohormone substance. A prohormone is basically a substance that is not a steroid outside the human body, but turns into a steroid like compound once digested – for more information you can read our article: What are Prohormones and their Side Effects? The result is that your testosterone and anabolic hormones sky rocket, and you will be able to make gains in size and strength much like a regular steroid user. Prohormones can have just as serious of side effects as anabolic steroids. If you do happen to take a prohormone it is vital that you understand how your body operates and that you take part in post cycle therapy.


What is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?


When you introduce a foreign substance into your body that manipulates a major hormone such as testosterone, it signals to your body to stop producing as much of it. All your body knows is that there is already a bunch of testosterone in your blood stream, so why should it go to work and produce even more?

Some people who are taking prohormones or steroids do not notice that their body stops producing natural test levels while on the drugs, but they begin to notice it rapidly when they cycle off. This is why most people lose a majority of their gains when they consume these dangerous drugs.

This is why post cycle therapy (PCT) is so vital. Post cycle therapy will help to restore your body back to its natural settings and prevent many of the horrible side effects associated with prohormone and steroid use. It will also help your internal organs get back to their normal functioning cycles. Oral steroids and prohormones are hard on your internal organs such as your liver, and a good post cycle therapy will help restore the internal health of your vital organs.

Cortisol levels also rise rapidly following a prohormone or steroid cycle. PCT helps with reducing the production of cortisol, which is a very catabolic hormone in the human body that will cause you to lose muscle, strength and gain body fat. Many steroid and prohormone users will experience deep depression following their cycle because they lose their gains so quickly (and this depression also causes an even bigger rise in cortisol).

The bottom line is that if you want to take prohormones or steroid cycles you need to at least understand how your body functions and that your natural hormone levels will need help to recover to get back to normal levels (it might never return to normal levels again).

Post Cycle therapy is as necessary for optimal health and normal hormone levels as prohormone cycles are for increasing strength and size. Do not take part in any prohormone cycle unless you are serious about taking the necessary pre cautions and protecting yourself from long – term damage to your health.