There are many kinds of protein supplements available today and they all have the same intention – to provide you with the nutrition you require to repair and build your muscle groups. Casein protein is one such form of supplement where milk is the source for the protein. Loaded with phosphorus, it forms almost 80% of regular cow’s milk as compared to whey protein, which forms the remaining 20%.

There are many benefits of adding casein proteins to your dietary supplement schedule as compared to other forms. For gym-goers who aren’t lactose intolerant, casein is a great source of amino acid-led protein components that work at multiple levels. It is, by far, one of the most popular forms of protein supplements you can buy today, and here’s why!


What Is Casein Protein?


High Quality Protein Source

If there’s one thing that matters when it comes to protein requirements, it is the quality of protein you intake. Taking in protein to meet your requirements is not the same as taking in ‘high quality protein’. The better your protein source is, the better your body will absorb it. More importantly, you will not require as much of it as you might with a regular or under-par protein source.

Meeting your daily protein requirement with lower quality protein will actually leave you in a protein-deficit state as most of that low-quality protein gets excreted by your body due to incomplete absorption. When it comes to quality of protein, casein is right up there with the best, even above the likes of soy protein. If you are a vegetarian or do not have any issue with lactose-intake, you won’t find a better source of protein than casein.


Greater Fat Loss

Lower calorie diets are a major concern for bodybuilders trying to shed excess weight as lack of caloric supply can be compensated for by loss of lean muscle. Baylor University, Texas, USA, and the International Journal of Obesity conducted independent studies to test variations in lean muscle gain as compared to fat loss, while consuming casein protein and whey protein. Both tests showed similar results where the higher calcium content of Casein protein showed greater energy generation and higher faecal fat generation as compared to other forms of protein with regular or lower calcium content.


Gradual Protein Release

One of the best reasons to use Casein protein is its amino acid profile that, unlike other forms of protein, allows for a slow-releasing protein component. This aids muscle repair and development over a longer period of time! It takes longer for the body to digest Casein proteins, taking anywhere from four to seven hours for complete digestion. That makes it the perfect protein supplement to take right before bed-time or throughout the day.

This provides you with a longer repair/development cycle as compared to the instantaneous release of other forms like whey protein, which are better when consumed immediately after workouts. Even if you are consuming other forms, like whey or egg protein, casein protein will provide you with all-day or all-night muscle recovery/development that fast-acting proteins do not.

So, every time you’re out there looking for protein supplements, the best thing to do is have some form of Casein protein on your shopping list.

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