Being healthy isn’t that complicated. There seems to be this huge misconception that being fit has to be like solving a Rubik’s cube: boring, difficult and few people can actually do it.

Actually, being healthy can be broken down into three categories. Be active, eat right and be happy. It’s that simple. That last one might be a bit difficult, but we think that by mastering the first two categories, you’ll be a few steps closer to mastering the third one.

Remember: not all protein is created equal. So, when you ask “what foods are high in protein?” our answer might seem a little cryptic. There are many great sources of protein and you should rotate all of them for the best balance of muscle building amino acids and other vital nutrients. If you want your body to operate efficiently, you’re going to have to consume a wide range of quality proteins (need to get your hands on some quality protein powder? Check out our reviews for the best options!).


What Foods Are High In Protein?


Chicken Breasts

This is basically a staple in any serious bodybuilder’s diet. Bodybuilders and fitness models swear by this meat protein, and so should you. Boneless and skinless chicken breasts are an amazing source of protein and are incredibly low fat. They also can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. Throw it on a salad, make a sandwich or even eat it with some whole grain pasta!

Not only is chicken breast incredibly useful from a muscle building perspective, but it also has versatility. The beauty of this protein source is that it’s easy to avoid getting bored. After all, the main issue people have with eating right is that it’s ‘too boring’.


Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef is a powerful muscle builder. That being said, some of the cheaper ground beef is full of artificial hormones and other junk you don’t want to be putting in your body. Grass fed beef is full of quality protein, which has natural Creatine and amino acids that will fuel your muscles for optimal growth.

You should be able to find grass fed beef that is 90 percent protein or greater. Try and stay away from anything that is under 90 percent lean; those low quality cuts of beef are what can keep you from achieving your goals. Plus, there’s nothing like having high quality beef (burgers, anyone?).


Sockeye Salmon

When we were asked “What foods are high in protein?” Sockeye salmon came to mind almost immediately. Sockeye Salmon makes this list because on top of having plenty of quality protein, it also has tons of heart healthy omegas.

Wild caught sockeye salmon is a delicious muscle building fish that will not only help your muscles grow, but can actually support the rest of your body with all of the omega fatty acids. Our favorite way of prepping salmon? Oven baked.


Fat Free Ground Turkey

Most grocery stores will carry ground turkey that’s 99 percent lean. Fat free ground turkey is basically pure protein, which will definitely get the job done if you’re looking to pack on some muscle. Throw some guacamole on top or some fresh salsa and you have a tasty (and healthy) muscle-building snack.



No, not egg whites. We know that people love talking about getting ‘nothing but the protein’ from eggs, but eating the whole egg is actually where you’ll find the quickest route to eating healthy.

First off, keep in mind that all fat isn’t bad. Fast food fats are terrible for you, but high quality egg fats? Not so much. Plus, the dietary cholesterol in eggs (which people usually freak out about) has no negative effects on your blood level cholesterol. In fact, in a small minority of people, dietary cholesterol actually increased the good blood level cholesterol (HDL, if you were wondering)! Here’s a link to a study by the University of California that talks about it in more detail.

Moral of the story? Don’t get caught up in the fads, inform yourself and stay healthy.


Solid White Albacore Canned Tuna

Time to get serious. We know that some of our readers are college kids, who are usually so broke they can’t remember the last time they withdrew money from an ATM. You want to get big and strong, but you don’t have enough money to buy organic, high quality meats. Don’t worry, buddy. We’ve got you covered.

Solid white albacore canned tuna is one of the best form of protein for a bodybuilder on a budget. Solid White albacore contains omega 3’s and is basically pure protein. It makes for a perfect protein snack by itself or mix it with some low fat mayo for a tuna sandwich. At around a $3/£2 per can, you can’t go wrong with tuna.


Cottage Cheese

We’re willing to bet that when people asked “what foods are high in protein?” they never expected us to answer with this one. Cottage cheese is another inexpensive form of quality protein on this list.

Cottage cheese is a great protein source for muscle recovery because it is slow digesting. Similar to a casein protein powder, cottage cheese will digest slowly and drip-feed your muscles with quality protein and amino acids (check out our article: The Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese). If you want the ultimate slow digesting protein meal have a cup of cottage cheese before bedtime.