We’ve all taken it. The average person gets plenty of it from their coffee, with some people getting from their tea. Most athletes will get this from their pre-workout supplements, hoping to take advantage of some its benefits. We’re talking about caffeine, one of the world’s most popular stimulants. People use caffeine almost every day, without thinking twice about it. But are we putting ourselves at risk by using this stimulant so much? It’s about time you found out what caffeine does to your body.


What You’re Dealing With

From the early hours of the morning to (sometimes) late at night, people are drinking tons of caffeine, with no interest or concern about the effects of it. Frankly, it seems like some people only care about the energy boost associated with caffeine. Caffeine is certainly good at what it does, elevating your energy level significantly.
Of course, the important thing to understand here is that nothing is isolated in the human body. Everything has consequences and that cup of coffee is no exception. The usual way that people learn this lesson is when they need more coffee to reach the same energy level after a few weeks of using caffeine. Their bodies become accustomed to the stimulant and develop a tolerance to it. After a while, your sensitivity drops and you need more of the same stimulate to feel ‘energized’.


Adrenal Glands And You

One of the most problematic issues with consuming caffeine is the stress that it puts on your body, particularly your adrenal glands. Caffeine is actually known for causing your adrenal glands to produce more cortisol, a steroid hormone that your body releases when it’s under stress. While some of it being released is perfectly normal, what caffeine does to your body is that it makes your adrenal glands produce more and more.
Usually, a rise in cortisol is mild. But, considering the amount of long-term physical and mental stress that heavy caffeine users usually have, it’s safe to say that having a sizable increase in your cortisol levels isn’t a great plan. Not only would you end up feeling drained and exhausted all the time (even after you had your morning cup of coffee), but you’d find it near impossible to function without caffeine. Your body will have gone beyond just developing a tolerance. Eventually, your body will expect it and demand it if you expect to be functional in the slightest.



Caffeine isn’t your enemy. In fact, we have plenty of reviews that talk about the benefits of using caffeine responsibly. The key to successfully managing what caffeine does to your body is to use it in moderation. When overused, caffeine can cause more problems than it solves and leave your body in worse shape than ever. But remember: the beauty of these stimulants is that, when used properly, they have the capacity to help improve performance.

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