The Pump HD is a premier pre-workout supplement that has been tried-and-tested, and well-researched to ensure exercise performance. It has a unique ingredient profile that helps the body fight fatigue and prevents dehydration, thanks to its electrolyte matrix. This supplement will keep you hydrated both during and after each workout session. If you are looking for an effective pre-workout supplement that promotes endurance and power, then the Pump HD will be beneficial for your goals. It is available in two different sizes, and comes with three different flavors.

Pump HD 

Key Features

  • It has no fillers and maltodextrin;
  • It features a powerful CNS stimulant to promote performance;
  • It is designed for sustained energy levels, endurance, and improved recovery;
  • It promotes long-lasting and intense pumping and focus;
  • It has no post-workout crash.

What’s great about Pump HD

There are many great things to say about this product. Basically, its formula ensures the delivery of fuel to energize your mind and body during training. It is combined with a unique technology to promote bigger muscles, and better pumping power throughout your workout. CarnoSyn and Leucine are amino acids that can take your lifting to the next level. The electrolyte mix added to the formula will help you stay hydrated and powered both during and after every session.

With such a powerful formula, the Pump HD can keep you pumping harder for a longer time. The Acetyl-L-Carnosine and L-Tyrosine have also been included to boost your brain functions and help maintain alertness during and after workouts. Furthermore, this product will work great when taken with other supplements. It is best combined with BLOX to make the most out of your post-workout recovery, as well as Whey HD or Build HD to help you achieve your desired muscle build.

The Pump HD by BPI Sports is also capable of improving your energy levels and focus during a routine, unlike some of the other pump-focused products. Some customers have even reported using it for cardio workouts and found it to be extremely effective. One great thing about this product is that it does not cause a post-workout crash, which is usually the case when a performance-enhancing supplement wears off.

It will kick off quickly and will help you recover faster during reps. While the gains are not immediate, using this product regularly will eventually lead you to gradual progress. New lifters, however, may experience rapid bursts of improved strength.

What you need to watch out for

Pre-workout pumping supplements do not work like stimulant-based pre-workout products. They do not have that sudden kick or rush of energy. It will usually take a few sets before the components reach your blood stream and begin working. With Pump HD, however, the effect will come faster. Most pump pre-workout powders will usually kick off after one or two exercises, or even around five sets. This high performance supplement will start working around half the time it takes before most of its competitors begin rushing.

Many customers find this product to be just right. However, it is still best to be careful with the serving as many users can only take half scoops. Those who did the whole scoops experienced too much surge of energy, to the extent that their heart rates became unusually high. Since Pump HD contains yohimbe, this supplement may be detrimental to people with serious health conditions, so make sure to get your doctor’s go signal.

All three flavors are decent-tasting, but do not mix well. There were customers who reported seeing white and flaky residue floating, and sludge remained at the bottom. Some users said the supplement had a chemical taste, and sweetened using artificial sweeteners. However, many customers chose to mix and chug the supplement as fast as possible to avoid the overly sweet taste.

Verdict: Is it Worth It?

The Pump HD is one of the best pre-workout supplements with a high dose of caffeine (equivalent to about three cups of coffee). This product is formulated to provide you with enough energy to make you last throughout the workout. Its mixture also has electrolytes to prevent you from dehydrating during and after each session. While there were users who complained about it not mixing well and the chemical taste, the Pump HD is still – overall – a worthy investment.