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PHD Nutrition has become one of the most popular supplement companies in the UK and is beginning to gain popularity worldwide. With Diet Whey, PHD Nutrition strives to make an extremely high quality whey protein product that tastes delicious and also helps its user build lean muscle with it’s unique protein profile – mixing both fast and slow digesting proteins. How does PHD Diet Whey protein stack up against its competition? Let’s dive in and break it down.


Taste and Mixability:

The taste of PHD Diet Whey is absolutely outstanding. PHD Nutrition make the standard flavours like Vanilla and Chocolate (which are great), but they also make Chocolate Orange and White Chocolate which aren’t common mainstream protein powder flavours.

The Chocolate Orange and White Chocolate protein powder taste great – especially if you have a weak spot for chocolate! Although taste is subjective, most people agree that PHD Nutrition make some of the best tasting protein powders available. The mixability is also really good with the PHD Diet Whey. This protein powder mixes really well with either water or milk in a standard shaker.


PHD Diet Whey protein costs slightly more than some of its main competitors. At a price per serving very close to Gold Standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition – many people question the value.

PHD Diet Whey has a pretty unique ingredient profile however, it’s perfect for anyone looking to lose weight because of its slow digesting protein profile of whey concentrate, milk protein and soy isolate. PHD Diet also contains added fiber, green tea extract, and flaxseed powder. This makes it ideal for someone looking for a weight loss replacement shake. While this protein powder may not be perfect for post workout since its not fast digesting – it serves a very important purpose for anyone looking to gain lean muscle. The best prices we found were £28.97 at and $47.14 at (ouch!).



If you are rating PHD Diet Whey as just a post workout protein support we would give it an average rating for effectiveness. If you are talking about PHD Diet whey protein as a muscle building and fat loss replacement shake it gets an outstanding rating. Since most people will be using this as a weight loss and meal replacement shake or to gain lean muscle – we give it an outstanding grade for effectiveness. The added L-Carnitine for metabolism support and weight loss makes it highly effective as a fat burner.


Side Effects:

If you have any kind of milk or lactose allergy this is not the protein powder for you. PHD Diet whey contains milk proteins and whey concentrate so it could sit heavy on your stomach. It also has added fibre and flax seed powder so some people experience stomach discomfort.

For For

  • Delicious taste
  • Great mixability
  • Unique flavours like chocolate orange/white chocolate
  • Fat loss and metabolic support
  • Green Tea extract and L-Carnitine for added weight loss

Against Against

  • Expensive (especially in the US)
  • Protein blend isn’t quite as effective post workout as some other high quality whey supplements
  • Not lactose friendly


PHD Diet Whey – Our Verdict:

PHD Diet Whey is a high quality weight loss protein blend. Since it contains slow digesting proteins and has added metabolism support it is perfect as a weight loss shake. For the purpose of post workout it’s average and you may decide to opt for a supplement that contains only fast digesting whey protein instead. If you don’t mind shelling out some extra cash for a high quality weight loss protein shake, PHD Diet Whey is a fantastic choice.

Remember to look at today’s best deals for PHD Diet Whey before parting with any of your hard earned cash!

Per Serving (100g/50g/25g):

Energy: 1528kj/365kcal / 762kj/182kcal / 380kj/91kcal
Protein: 68g / 34g / 17g
Carbohydrates: 11g / 5.5g / 2.75g
Of which sugars: 5g / 2.5g / 1.25g
Fat: 5.5g / 2.75g / 1.38g
Of which saturates: 1.6g / 0.8g / 0.4g
Of which CLA: 1000mg / 500mg / 250mg
Of which Flaxseed oil: 1200mg / 600mg / 300mg
Dietary Fibre: 3g/ 1.5g / 0.75g
Sodium: 0.25g / 0.13g / 0.07g
Salt equivalent: 0.63g / 0.32g / 0.16g
CLA Powder: 1500mg / 750mg / 375mg
Flaxseed Powder: 3000mg / 1500mg / 750mg
Green Tea Extract: 400mg / 200mg / 100mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine: 500mg / 250mg / 125mg

Other Ingredients: PHD premium protein blend (whey protein concentrate (27%), milk protein concentrate(26%) (of which 56% is micellar casein), soy protein isolate), cocoa powder, waxy barleystarch, golden brown flaxseed powder, thickeners (acacia gum,guar gum, xanthan gum), flavouring, cla powder (contains milk protein, lecithin, vitamin e), acetyl l-carnitine, green tea extract, sodium chloride, sweetener (sucralose). .

Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Barley and Soy (Lecithin) ingredients. May also contain Nuts, Yeast and Eggs.

PHD Diet