More and more people are turning to fitness to strengthen their bodies so that they will be able to do many things, stay away from illnesses, and create a more confident individual within themselves. Fitness centers are into helping these individuals but there can be no positive results without the right diet or supplements.
Enter the Phase 8 protein and many others that promise to aid these people towards a successful fitness program.

The Phase 8 myth

Phase 8 is advertised as a premium blend protein formula that nourishes the muscles for 8 hours. It is said to contain 26 grams of six milk-derived proteins which provides a sustained-release of amino acids. The supplement contains only half the amount of carbs and fat compared to its other competitors.

Its main protein element has the distinct capability of releasing amino acids in the bloodstream and works 8 hours after consuming it. Phase 8 is known as a highly anti-catabolic and anabolic protein which creates long lasting muscle-building environment.

Its product description says that it contains:

• Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate
• Whey protein concentrate
• Whey protein isolate
• Milk protein concentrate
• Micellar casein
• Calcium caseinate

Good points

The Phase 8 protein drink was specifically designed for muscle building and not for weight gain. It is meant for releasing amino acids into the bloodstream within an 8-hour period, thus, enabling a long-lasting muscle-building capacity. Its ingredients are highly focused on milk-derived protein sources.

This formula provides for scientifically proven safe proteins in a 26-gram dose per serving that is basically useful for repairing the body. With many flavors to choose from, boring taste is not a problem which you may experience in other drink supplements. Tubs come in 2 lbs up to 4.5 lbs so you can buy depending on what you are able to consume.

The sugarless Phase 8 is considered as the first protein shake which does not taste awful when combined with water. Without superfluous carbs added to make it delicious, you can drink your fill without worrying about calorie count.
You can take it anytime of the day, may it be pre-work out or post-work out times or between meals. The varying release degree of amino acids can be obtained during post-workout (quick release), between meals (medium release), and nighttime (slow release).

The Bad Points

Although it earned favorably on the taste department, many think about the texture as otherwise. Others observed the consistency is thick and chalky which flies around during the mixing process. The messy experience is not pleasant at all because of the dusty mixture.

Some users find it hard to swallow; we just don’t know if the proportion of the mixture was done right or instructions were not followed to the dot. Many users find it sugary like it has a strong artificial sugar even though the label says it doesn’t contain any.

Others noted that with a small amount of carbohydrates, it cannot be categorized as a meal replacement or a post-workout mass gainer and it contains more carbs to be considered as a credible protein powder. Meticulous users suggest that all proteins it contains must be listed on the label separately so as to be aware of all things that are driven into their system.


The Phase 8 protein shake has its own purpose. If you are looking for blends that carry other vitamins and minerals as your body requires, you may opt for other brands that you think can provide you with multiple benefits. However, with all its good points, nothing beats this particular blend that targets one particular goal and with a price that is much more affordable than the others of its kind.