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We have been big fans of Controlled Labs ever since White Flood left a lasting impression on the pre-workout market. The Orange Triad multivitamin is considered a “bodybuilding vitamin” – giving the extremely active weight lifter all of the essential vitamins and minerals and joint support they need. Bodybuilding vitamins are really important if you are a strength athlete that spends a lot of time in the gym.


Ease Of Use:

One of the biggest advantages to Orange Triad over its competition is the ease of use. When you compare it to Animal Pak and several other bodybuilding vitamins it is a step above when it comes to ease of use. Animal Pak requires you to swallow an entire packet full of 11 pills. Some of these pills are absolutely huge and will make you feel like you are a horse. Orange triad only requires you to take a few medium sized Orange pills twice a day. The taste and smell isn’t offensive like many other bodybuilding vitamins as well.


Orange Triad is very good value compared to other high end bodybuilding multivitamins. Orange Triad offers a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, joint support and digestive support. The ingredient profile for Orange Triad is superior to most other multivitamins, and most sites and supplement stores offer Orange Triad for under $0.70 per serving. Like so many other Controlled Labs products – you are getting a great product at a very good value.

The best price we found for 270 tablet tub (45 servings) was $26.95 at



Orange Triad is a bodybuilding multivitamin that we take whilst in heavy training and/or preparing for a competition. Overall we felt great when using Orange Triad. The joint support and digestive support is a big plus – as these are crucial components that are often overlooked by many multivitamins.

We also noticed our energy levels were slightly higher when taking Orange Triad. The effectiveness of this multivitamin is very good compared to other similar products.


Side Effects:

One of the most common side effects is that Orange Triad can turn your urine into a bright fluorescent color. This is completely normal and not dangerous at all. This is just your body flushing out the excess vitamins and minerals it can’t absorb. This can be minimized with extra water intake throughout the day.

For For

  • Added joint support
  • Added digestive support
  • Antioxidant support
  • Full array of every trace mineral/vitamin your body needs

Against Against

  • Can cause brightly colored urine (common with multivitamins)
  • Joint support is weaker than using a dedicated supplement


Orange Triad Multivitamin – Our Verdict:

Orange Triad is a very good bodybuilding multivitamin that has everything your body needs such as a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, joint support, digestive support and even antioxidants. It will help your body run like a machine while you are training frequently and also assist with increased energy levels. Orange Triad is tremendous value in the bodybuilding vitamin market and  is definitely worth your consideration.

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Per Daily Serving (6 tablets) :

Vitamin A as beta Carotene): 1000IU
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 350mg
Vitamin D (as Ergocalociferol: 400Iu
Vitamin E (d-Alpha tocopheryl): 200IU
Vitamin K (as Phytonadione: 120mcg
thiamin (as Thiamin hcl): 30mg
Riboflavin: 30mg
Niacin (as niacinamide): 50mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine): 30mg
Folic Acid: 800mcg
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin): 250mcg
Biotin: 300mcg
Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium Pantothenate: 100mg
Calcium (as dicalcium phosphate): 400mg
Phosphorus (as Di-Calcium Phosphate): 60mg
Iodine (as Potassium Iodine): 255mcg
Magnesium 9 as Magnesium Oxide): 100mg
Zinc (as Zinc Chelate): 30mg
Selenium(as Selenium Chelate): 200mcg
Copper (as Copper Chelate): 200mcg
Copper (as Copper Chelate): 500mcg
Manganese (as Magnaese Sulfrate): 3mg
Chromium (as Chromium Chelate): 25mcg
Molybdenum (as Molybdenum Chelate): 50mcg
Potassium (as Potassium Chloride ): 50mg
Vanadium (as Vanadium Chelate): 10mcg
Boron (as Boron Chelate): 500mcg
Joint Complex: 2000mg
Flex Complex: 1450mg
Digestion and Immune Complex: 1275mg

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin,Magnesium Stearate,Artificial Colors.