It seems like everywhere you look these days there is some new product or drug that is geared towards increasing male testosterone levels. Unfortunately increasing your testosterone isn’t as easy as just popping a pill (we strongly advise against taking prohormones or steroids).

There are a few natural ways to increase your testosterone. These are all safe and effective ways to increase your testosterone levels and don’t come with a laundry list full of life changing side effects.

So why is this testosterone stuff so important? Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is responsible for such things as your sex drive, muscle growth, voice change, hair growth, and can contribute to your body’s overall well being.

Starting at around the age of 30 your testosterone levels start to decline. Check out our 5 natural ways to increase testosterone levels:


1. Lose Weight

One of the biggest things you can do for keeping your testosterone levels high is to lose weight. It has been shown that people overweight and struggling with obesity have much lower testosterone levels (which doesn’t help their cause.)

Regular diet and exercise will be key to getting your testosterone levels back to a healthy point if you are overweight. What kind of exercise is best you might ask? Check out tip number 2!


2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Exercises that involve short and intense bursts of energy have been shown to help increase testosterone levels much more than moderate exercise like jogging, swimming and aerobics.

You can perform high intensity interval training a few different ways (also known as HIIT.) Two of our favorite ways are running sprints or pedalling on a bike at maximum speed.

To perform the workout simply sprint or pedal on a bike at maximum intensity for 15-30 seconds depending on your anaerobic fitness level. Rest for 60 seconds between intervals and repeat for 6-8 repetitions.

The best part of this workout is that it will only last 10-15 minutes. The down side is that this workout is really hard, and will be a much more intense form of training than many are use too.


3. D Aspartic Acid

There are a lot of crap supplements relating to testosterone levels – but D Aspartic Acid has been one of the few that has shown to increase levels naturally. D Aspartic Acid is a non essential amino acid in the body. It has been shown that by supplementing with 3.2 grams of D Aspartic Acid for 2 weeks has elevated testosterone levels by close to 40 percent.

This is not a huge increase, but it is a healthy kick and can help you keep your testosterone levels high when you follow the other rules on this list. Make sure you are purchasing a supplement that is pure D Aspartic Acid, and not a proprietary blend. You don’t want to overpay for a bunch of other junk they throw in many testosterone boosting formulas.


4. Consume More Healthy Fats

Consuming healthy fats is one of the best things that you can do to increase your testosterone levels naturally. There is a direct correlation between high testosterone levels and your healthy fat consumption. Research has indicated that diets low in healthy fat have much lower testosterone levels.

What foods contain healthy fats you may ask? Nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed meats, and palm oil are all excellent choices. Our favorites are avocado and raw almonds, they can easily be used regularly as part of your diet.


5. Don’t Skip Leg Day!

If you want to maximize your testosterone output you need to perform heavy resistance training exercises with every major muscle group in the body. Many guys skip leg day, and fail to understand its importance. If you want to maximize your body’s testosterone output make sure to throw in 5-6 sets a week of the Squat, Dead Lift, Db Lunge and Leg Extension. These are all great leg exercises that will amp up your body’s natural testosterone output.