By: Josh Anderson

You’ve heard people say over and over that breakfast is the most important deal of the day, right? For example, breakfast helps you snack less throughout the day (especially in the morning) and makes it easier to lose weight. Plus, if you include eggs in your breakfast, it can provide muscle-building protein and help to accelerate your weight loss! A balanced breakfast with carbs, protein, and fiber can provide you with a great nutritional starting point for the rest of your day.

Why You Need To Eat That Breakfast

We’ve all been there: you wake up at 6:00 AM and definitely not in the best mood. The last thing you want to do is make a huge breakfast and choke it down – especially if you have morning nausea. But if you are skipping this meal, you might be hampering your metabolism and increasing your snacking throughout the day. Is there any science to prove this? Of course! The research out there clearly backs the notion that breakfast is vital! Let’s dive into the science-backed benefits of eating breakfast and discuss an important breakfast food.

Breakfast Benefits

One major benefit of eating breakfast is that it actually makes you feel more full throughout (Purslow et al 2007). This of course can result in less snacking (Schlundt et al 1992), which is always good! Get this, one study indicated that normal-weight children who don’t eat breakfast actually gained weight compared to obese children who ate breakfast (Berkey et al 2003). On top of that, it’s been found that those who maintain long-term weight loss were more likely to eat breakfast (Wyatt et al 2012).

Of course, you can’t be hammering snack cakes for breakfast and expect to lose 25 pounds. That just simply doesn’t work. Your quality breakfast should include eggs! There are so many benefits of eggs that we don’t have the time to list them all! Eggs fill you up quicker which can help you cut back on snacking (Vander Wal et al 2005). Another great egg benefit is that they are loaded with protein while having only ~85 calories (size dependent).

Finally, a breakfast that includes eggs has been shown to help you lose more weight (Vander Wal et al. 2008). For instance, LSU conducted research that compared the weight loss of dieting individuals. One group ate eggs each day for breakfast while the other didn’t (over an 8 week period). They found that the group that ate eggs lost 65% more weight and had a 34% greater reduction in weight circumference (Vander Wal et al. 2008)! While you might get sick of eating eggs every day for 8 weeks, this shows how amazing eggs can be for your waistline!

What to Eat?

Enough with the benefits, what should we actually eat? A great breakfast is full of fiber, carbs, and protein. This balance allows us to start the day at a peak nutritional level. Fitness goals aside, here’s a pretty easy example breakfast:

  • 2 hardboiled eggs (144 calories, 12g protein)
  • 1 medium banana (105 calories, 1g protein, 3g dietary fiber)
  • ½ cup steel rolled oatmeal (150 calories, 5g protein, 4g fiber)


You now know that a breakfast full of fiber and protein is a great way to help you control your weight and start your day off right! It’s time to drop the excuses and make a point to get up earlier (or prep the night before) and eat that breakfast, you will see results!


Author Bio:

Josh (M.S., Personal Trainer) is the Founder and Editor of DIY Active: “Fit.Food.Life. – No Gym Required” Stop by to get some of the best at-home fitness and nutrition advice!



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