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Isopure Zero Carb is one of the cleanest protein powders available on the market, as they boast to be a carbohydrate free whey protein isolate. Whey Protein isolate is a very high quality form of protein powder, which is often considered more superior to the standard whey protein concentrate.

Isopure Zero Carb is the perfect protein powder for post workout consumption due to its low fat and carbohydrate free formula that will be absorbed by your body rapidly for post workout muscle recovery. Isopure Zero Carb is a premium whey protein product that costs more than most, so let’s dive and see if its worth the extra cost.


Taste and Mixability:

If you are use to the protein shakes that resemble your favorite milk shakes and tropical drinks, you may be disappointed with Isopure Zero Carb. Keep in mind that Isopure was made to be a perfectly clean and carbohydrate free protein isolate for physique competitors and those looking to maximize fat loss. Although a few of the flavors are pretty good (Banana Cream and Cookies and Cream) some of the flavors like Apple Melon, Mint Chocolate Chip and Alpine Punch have not received such favorable reviews.

You will not have a problem with mixability however. Isopure Zero Carb will be very easy to mix as it does not have any filler ingredients like many of the other protein powders. You should be able to mix this in a standard blender bottle.


Isopure Zero Carb is priced a little more than most whey protein powders, but only by a small margin. Most protein concentrates are priced at a little less than $1 per serving, while Isopure Zero Carb is typically priced at a little more. If you are looking to maximize your lean muscle gains and minimize fat loss with your post workout recovery shake, these few extra cents per serving should not be an issue. Isopure Zero Carb is a high quality protein powder and you should not mind paying a tad more for it.

The best price we found for a 3 lb tub was $41.95 at



This is a highly effective whey protein isolate that will help you reach your physique goals while minimizing fat loss and supporting lean muscle tissue growth. Isopure Zero Carb is a very clean protein powder that contains no carbohydrates and only 1 gram of fat per serving. This is a perfect protein source for post workout replenishment as well as a low carb meal replacement shake.


Side Effects:

As with most whey protein powders – Isopure Zero Carb can be a little harsh on people’s stomach’s who have a lactose intolerance. If you do not have any problems with dairy products you should be fine.

For For

  • 50g of high quality whey isolate per serving
  • The original “Zero Carb” formula
  • Perfect for those looking to burn fat while maximizing lean muscle gains 
  • Reputable and time tested brand (Nature’s Best) 

Against Against

  • Not the cheapest protein powder on the market
  • Not all flavors taste great


Isopure Zero Carb – Our Verdict:

Isopure Zero Carb is a highly effective whey protein isolate that will help you reach your training goals of maximizing lean muscle tissue while helping you with weight loss support. For those of you looking for the ideal protein powder to trim body fat and get in flawless shape for the summer time Isopure Zero Carb is an ideal choice. This Carb free formula is a “clean” protein choice and doesn’t contain a lot of the filler ingredients and other crap that the cheaper protein supplements contain.

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Per Serving (62g – 2 Scoops):

Calories: 210
Calories from Fat: 10
Total Fat: 1g / 1%
Saturated Fat: 0.5g / 3%
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 5mg / 2%
Sodium: 320mg / 15%
Salt Equivalent: 0.8g
Potassium: 750mg / 20%
Total Carbohydrate: 0g / 0%
Dietary Fibre: 0g / 0%
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 50g / 100%
Vitamin A: 50%
Vitamin C: 50%
Calcium: 70%
Iron: 6%
Vitamin E: 50%
Vitamin K: 50%
Thiamin: 50%
Riboflavin: 50%
Niacin: 50%
Vitamin B6: 50%
Folate: 50%
Vitamin B12: 50%
Biotin: 50%
Pantothenic Acid: 50%
Phosphorous: 50%
Iodine: 50%
Magnesium: 50%
Zinc: 50%
Selenium: 50%
Copper: 50%
Manganese: 50%
Chromium: 50%
Molybdenum: 50%
Chloride: 20%

Other Ingredients: Whey (Milk) Protein Isolate, Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin, Flavouring, Colours: Red Beet Powder, E120, E100, Sweetener: 0.12 % Sucralose (E955).

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