In the world of health and wellness, it’s important to find versatile foods that provide plenty of options when it comes to consumption. Gone are the days of the ‘chicken and broccoli every meal’ situation. Today, we live in a world that values creativity and we can’t think of anything more creative that food with multiple uses. Strong enough to stand on its own, but flexible enough to compliment other foods, cottage cheese is one of the most underappreciated foods on the market.


The Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese


Casein Protein

First off, let’s embrace our in fitness enthusiast by talking about one of the health benefits of cottage cheese; the protein. Cottage cheese has about 22 grams of protein per cup, something that anyone trying to pack on muscle should be aware of. Since cottage cheese is usually made with 1% milk, the specific kind of protein your body will be receiving is called casein (of which we have a few powders here). Instead of the quick absorbing whey protein that everyone has come to love, casein is more of a slow digesting protein. This is great right before bed, so that your body has something to digest and break down while you’re sleeping.



Keep in mind that cottage cheese has Vitamin A and most of the B Vitamins. In fact, cottage cheese should give you plenty of Vitamin B-12, a vital vitamin that decreases your risk of heart disease.



Potassium can also be found in cottage cheese, which is vital for any active people reading this article. Potassium helps avoid muscle spasms and cramps, something that most athletes can’t afford to deal with.



Just in case you’re still not convinced, cottage cheese has plenty of calcium and phosphorus, something that not many other foods can claim. Why is calcium important? Well, calcium is vital for maintaining structural integrity in your bones. Phosphorus is great for building bones too (after it combines with calcium), but it has even more shoes to fill. Phosphorus is responsible for providing energy to hormones that can’t activate without phosphates.



The beauty of cottage cheese actually lies in its multiple uses. Not only does it work well with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but cottage cheese can actually be combined with oatmeal and bananas to make pancakes! The importance of this food is that it gives people a food they recognize. Too often, the world tries to introduce some new, original food to the public. Unfortunately, all this does is scare people away from actually enjoying the process of eating healthy.

When it comes to healthy eating, food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. In fact, most food that supports your health is actually pretty delicious too! After analyzing the health benefits of cottage cheese, it’s clear to see that healthy food can taste great too. If you’re looking for more food to support you in getting healthy, check out our other articles on nutrition.

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