Proper Nutrition Is Everything

If you’re a new member of the fitness community, you might be a bit confused. At this point, you’ve probably had tons of information dumped on you, without any clear path forward. Some people have told you to lift heavy weights with a low amount of reps. Others might have told you to lift light weights with tons of reps.

Want us to let you in on a little secret? All that training stuff is great and all, but the thing you really need to be concerned about is your kitchen. What if we told you that there’s a vegetable in your kitchen right now with Allicin (a sulfur compound that improves your cardiovascular health)?

If you’re starting to question some of your decisions in that department, don’t worry. Realizing there may be something wrong is the first step to fixing it.


How Garlic Helps

One of the most practical and notable effects of Garlic is how it can reduce your cholesterol levels significantly. According to a variety of scientific studies, garlic supplementation can reduce your total cholesterol levels by 10-15%. So, aside from being delicious and easy to include in your diet, garlic can be a wonderful way to regulate you.

Garlic has often been considered to be one of the best disease preventative foods in the world. It helps reduce the risk of strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as well as reducing the risk of Dementia. As if that wasn’t enough, garlic has actually been shown to prevent Atherosclerosis (or the build-up of fats and cholesterol in your artery walls). By reducing blood pressure, being an antioxidant and just generally making your body healthier, garlic may be exactly what your diet needs.


Side Effects

Now, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell you a bit about the flip side of this vegetable. Right off the bat, you should know that plenty of people don’t actually report their symptoms (usually just waiting for it to go away on its own). So, if any point you feel ill or nauseous while eating garlic, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor. Of course, some of the side effects that you may experience (especially with raw garlic) are:

  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Sensitivity of the skin
  • Easily getting bruised or bleeding easily

That being said, these side effects are rare and it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience any of them. Still, better safe than sorry!


Our Verdict

If we had to give one bit of advice to the person trying to consistently eat healthy for the first time in their lives, it would be this: Listen, we know that change is not easy. Minor changes can be difficult, but major change can feel downright impossible. Don’t be intimidated by all of the science and expectation! Just wrap your head around the fact that this is going to be the new you. Make a plan and stick to it. Get people to support you and hold you accountable. But more than anything: keep going. You’ll have days where you slip up. It happens. Don’t let it discourage you. Just accept it, forgive yourself, and get ready for the next day. The day you make the right choice. The day you eat healthy. The day you take back control of your life, one bite at a time.

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