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Developing functional strength. Eating foods that support muscular, digestive and immune health. Taking care of your body so that it can perform, well into your later years. These are the things that truly matter, at the end of the day. As athletes and fitness enthusiasts, these should always be our goals.

The average person wants to achieve these goals as well. They’re just not the biggest fan of the whole ‘making a lifestyle’ approach that most athletes have. Thus, they end up turning to (and falling for) gimmicks and tricks that promise amazing results without any sort of personal investment from the person (except the 19.99…plus shipping and handling).

Today, we’re going to take a look at a popular home fitness program and analyze it based off of its own merits. No hype; no infomercials. We’re here to finally answer the question: does Insanity really work?


The Goals

Right off the bat, this program doesn’t shy away from bold claims. Shawn T (the spokesman and creator of Insanity) says that Insanity workouts get you in the best shape of your life. According to him, this means that not only should you look your best, but you should be performing at your best…all within 60 days.

Of course, Insanity stresses how your results will come down to how much effort you put into the actual process. You’re expected to give your best, to stay focused on eating well (which we cover in quite a few of our nutritional tips section), remain driven and to keep in mind that these workouts are NOT easy.

That alone sounds pretty promising to us. A workout regimen that doesn’t pull its punches? Now we’re talking. Thankfully, Insanity seems to balance the concepts of pacing and challenging you. It doesn’t throw everything at you all at once, but it certainly expects you to put some work in. In fact, this workout regimen gives you a whole week of recovery time between the first and second month (this doesn’t mean you won’t workout, everything will just be less intensive).


The Set-Up

When it comes to answering the question of ‘does Insanity really work?’ we had to pay particular attention to the actual workout breakdown. This was meticulously put together to give people the right combination of variety and specialization throughout the entire training program. There’s no denying that this program’s main focus is the development of your cardiovascular system, something many people using this program will definitely be able to take advantage of.

Basically, the first month will either have you doing a plyometric cardio circuit, cardio power and resistance days, cardio recovery days, or pure cardio days (among other things). After being given a week to recover, the second month of Insanity will have you pushing yourself quite a bit harder. You’ll be expected to participate in max interval plyometric circuits, max cardio conditioning circuits, max recovery days and a variety of other exercise circuits.


Final Verdict

Fitness fads are a dime a dozen these days. From silly diets to strange workout regimens, it’s almost something we expect in the fitness industry. Frankly, we see it as part of the journey towards self-improvement. Identifying and acknowledging the useless gives us the ability to focus on the more important things.

After reviewing this workout program, we are definitely impressed. While Insanity certainly isn’t the ideal regimen for those of you looking to gain size and strength, this program does its job quite well. Insanity wants to help you lose weight and knows exactly how to make that happen. Is Insanity for everyone? We don’t think so. But does Insanity really work for people trying to lose weight? If you’re looking for a good way to develop your cardiovascular system and simultaneously lose fat, this workout program should definitely work for you.


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