Cobra Labs The Curse Review
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There are pre-workouts that help you workout and then, there are pre-workouts that compel you to work out! They make you want to charge out there and pump that iron like you’ve never pumped it before. You feel energetic, powerful and upbeat – all thanks to that amazing little supplement you gulped down right before your workout. The Curse, brought to you by Cobra Labs, looks every bit like the supplement that will turn you into a workout machine.

The skull on the cover, the neon colours – everything looks the part! Our Cobra Labs’ The Curse review will show whether there’s any real bite behind that bark!


Taste and Mixability:

Like all modern pre-workout supplements, Cobra Labs’ The Curse is also extremely soluble and all you need is about a cup of cold water and you can mix anywhere between one and three scoops easily, without any lumps or residue at the bottom of the shaker. It mixes extremely easily so you can be sure of getting a smooth pre-workout drink every single time!

The taste department is where Cobra Labs’ The Curse takes a few punches. Most of the Cobra Labs’ The Curse fans also say that as much as they love the effect the product has on them, only a couple of flavours like Blue Raspberry and Green Apple really work. Most of the other flavours are “disappointing”, as some of them put it, but these are still edible enough for them to stick to the supplement they love!


This is where the Cobra Labs’ The Curse starts making an impact – on your wallet. Don’t get us wrong – the impact is a good one as a tub of Cobra Labs’ The Curse costs about $27.00 and comes with about 50-servings. That’s about 0.54 per serving – a very low cost compared to some of the other top-of-the-line products out there.

Considering that you only need about a single scoop before your workout, once a day, that’s almost 50-days worth of supply for under $30. The product is extremely effective so you are recommended, by the company, to not use it for more than 5 or 7-days in a row, without bringing in a little break every now and then. The break not only prevents your body from being acclimatized to the supplement, but also helps maintain the boost you get from consuming it. If that’s not value for money, what is?

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Cobra Labs’ The Curse is one of those rare products where almost everyone has seen a massive change in their energy levels before a workout. For the first few days, the sheer buzz of the product was unmatched as no matter what kind of pre-workout supplement everyone was accustomed to, Cobra Labs’ The Curse gave them a buzz they’d notice! For those on the supplement for the first time, the buzz lasted a good two weeks, even without a break in the middle. However, the effects started tapering off after about 14-days. With a couple of days’ rest/break, they got back onto the supplement and it was as good as new!

There was a distinct increase in focus and the product was almost perfect as a pre-workout supplement. While most people felt the pump more than the energy boost, for others it was the opposite – more pump, less boost. Some reviewers found that the Cobra Labs’ The Curse continued to affect them even after they dropped their dose from two-scoops to one, meaning that despite getting their body accustomed to a higher dose, the lower one still had an effect on them.

All in all, the Cobra Labs’ The Curse is one of the most potent and effective pre-workout supplements you can get your hands on!

Side Effects:

The problem with an extremely powerful pre-workout supplement is that it might be a bit too harsh for people who’re sensitive to caffeine, Creatine and/or other ingredients. You might experience jitters over the course of usage and the energy burst, if not used up completely, can build up in your system and leave you feeling edgy and anxious. At no point does the company recommend that you have more than 3-scoops of the servings a day while they also recommend that you take a break from Cobra Labs’ The Curse every 5 to 7-days.

In case you experience symptoms, immediately stop the supplement and consult a physician before continuing.


For For

  • Incredible burst of energy
  • High amount of focus
  • Extremely low cost
  • High value for money

Against Against

  • Too strong for people who are sensitive
  • Taste may not be to everyone’s liking


Cobra Labs The Curse Review – Our Verdict:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are very few pre-workout supplements that can match the kind of effect Cobra Labs’ The Curse has on you! It is ideal for those who are going in for high intensity workouts and as most people explain, it makes you want to work out! You feel wide awake and pumped for training and there’s no better way of ensuring that you give 100% out there in the gym or on the field.

While the taste can be a bit off-putting, there’s nothing that can beat the effect Cobra Labs’ The Curse has on you. Whether you’re a seasoned user of Cobra Labs’ The Curse or someone who’s starting off on it for the first time, you’ll feel that surge of energy run through you and propel you towards your fitness and training goals. So make sure you’re up for the job because Cobra Labs’ The Curse will certainly give you a strong push along the way!

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Per Serving (1 Scoop – 5g):

Energizing Muscle Fuel – 3204mg
Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, Citric Acid

Blood Flow Amplifier – 1300mg
L-Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG)

Extreme Mental Focus – 147mg
Caffeine, Oleuropein Aglycone (From Olive Leaf Extract)

Other Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, And FD&C Yellow #5.