Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a type of fatty acid that will help you lose weight faster than ever. In fact, you can lose as much as 10 pounds in just a few days. Clinical studies revealed that this fatty acid can really deliver impressive results. This article will tell you more about this miracle component, and what products can deliver the best results.

How it Works

The CLA is commonly found in dairy products from grass-fed cows, and grass-fed beef. It is also possible to find it in other things, but in smaller amounts. This acid, when taken in supplement form, is often taken from vegetable oils to mimic the impact of CLA to the body.

Many people choose to consume CLA in supplement form for weight loss and fat burn. This fatty acid is capable of burning calories fast. It is also known for its ability to reduce one’s risk of certain health conditions, including cancer.

Benefits of CLA Supplement

Studies have shown positive findings about CLA, both in its natural and supplement forms. Many experts even called this fatty acid as one of the most effective weight loss solutions. Below are the key benefits of consuming CLA:

  • Increased fat burn
  • Improved weight loss
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Better appetite control
  • Better immune function
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Reduced insulin resistance
  • May help prevent diabetes, cancer, and other serious health issues

Possible Side Effects

It is strongly advised that you consume only the recommended dose unless permitted by your doctor, to avoid experiencing any side effects. Besides, too much of anything can be dangerous to your health. No matter what supplement you are taking, make sure to follow the dosage instructions. While most people do not experience any side effects from taking CLA, it is still possible to encounter the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea

It should also be noted that CLA can be dangerous to people who already have diabetes.

Best CLA Supplements

Most people consume CLA in its supplement form. With so many options out there, choosing the right one can be challenging and overwhelming. Below are some of today’s best CLA supplements that you can include in your short list.

Sports Research CLA 1250

Sports Research is known for its other popular product, the Sweet Sweat. This time, the company has designed a new CLA supplement that helps you burn calories and lose weight fast. Each serving of this product contains 80 percent CLA, which is derived from 1250mg of safflower oil. This means a serving contains 900mg of pure CLA.

Furthermore, the CLA1250 contains zero GMO ingredients. It is also using vegan capsules to make it vegan-friendly. This product is affordable, effective, and comes with a 90-day guarantee to prove that it can totally deliver.

NatureWise CLA 1250

This product is manufactured by NatureWise, a company known for making natural supplements and foods. Each serving of the CLA1250 contains 25 grams of non-GMO safflower oil to make it 80 percent CLA. It means that a serving will have 1000 milligrams of pure CLA. The company only uses top-quality ingredients to produce outstanding results. This product is also affordable, which is why it is no longer a surprise that it was included on this list.

NOW Foods CLA 800mg

NOW Foods is one of the biggest supplement manufacturers out there. Each serving of its CLA supplement contains 1000 milligrams of non-GMO safflower oil. This will give each serving 80 percent CLA or 800 milligrams. Since it uses non-GMO safflower oil, the product only has the best quality ingredients for the best results.

Potent Organics (Natural and Pure CLA)

Potent Organics is a natural supplement manufacturer that seeks to continuously help improve the health of its customers. Each serving of this CLA supplement contains 1000mg safflower seed oil to make 78 percent pure CLA or 780 milligrams. Clinical studies revealed that the product can help boost your metabolism and improve your body’s fat-burning ability. It is affordable, uses high-quality ingredients, and is backed by a 90-day guarantee. This means you can freely return the product for a full refund if you fail to see results.

MRM CLA 1250

This MRM CLA1250 supplement is a high-quality product that promises weight loss and better health. Each serving has 1250 milligrams of safflower seed oil to contain 80 percent CLA or 1000 milligrams of pure goodness. The California-based company has been producing a wide variety of fitness-related products to help people live better longer. They only use high-quality ingredients, but keep the prices affordable enough for most people.

Optimum Nutrition CLA 750mg

Optimum Nutrition is a well-known supplement maker in Illinois. Each serving of this supplement has 1000 milligrams safflower seed oil, which has been processed to contain 75 percent CLA or 750 milligrams. While it has a smaller amount of pure CLA than most of the products reviewed here, bear in mind that the item is effective and affordable. The per-serving cost is low, the quality is high, and the brand is reputable – a perfect combination for people looking for the best CLA supplements in the market.

MusclePharm CLA 1000 Milligrams

MusclePharm is another big name in the natural supplement industry. It is also one of the fastest-growing sports supplement manufacturers today. Each serving of this product contains 1000 milligrams of CLA Core blend. It consists of extra virgin olive oil, conjugated linoleic acids, and avocado oil. While it does not list the amount of CLA that each serving contains, the effect will still tell you how powerful it is as a weight loss supplement.

BulkSupplements CLA (soft gel form)

BulkSupplements is a known supplier of pure and clean supplements. This product comes in soft gel form, so it is easier to swallow. Each serving of two capsules has 1589 milligrams of CLA. This is a great and affordable option for people on a budget. The manufacturer recommends two to three servings per day, depending on your needs.

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