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A supplement that comes with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on the label always draws a huge crowd and Arnold Iron Mass is no different. A mass gainer that promotes lean mass development, this supplement claims to add on lean mass in rapid time without pushing fat levels up. Designed for professional athletes as well as avid fitness enthusiasts, Arnold Iron Mass looks like the perfect package from the outside.

However, looking beyond the label is what we do best and with our Arnold Iron Mass review, we tried to see whether the hype associated with the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner’s brand was actually justified. Here’s what we found!


Taste and Mixability:

When it comes to any powder based product, mixability is vital to ensure easy consumption. The Arnold Iron Mass threw up some mixed results in this department. While some people found that it mixed up extremely easily, others felt that the shake was a bit too lumpy. Some of that may have to do with the quantity of powder you add and the mixer/shaker size you use. Even though the scoops aren’t extravagantly large, you do need to add a couple of them each time.

Even with 16oz of water, if you don’t shake it well enough, lumps will form. Popping it into a blender always produces a smooth shake but if you’re doing it manually, you might want to spend a bit of time working out your arms on that shaker.

Taste is one department that most professional athletes and bodybuilders do not care about, but the average gym-goer might. The Arnold Iron Mass seems a bit too sweet, almost as if it is there to mask some other, more unsavoury flavor. The chocolate malt and vanilla malt flavors are the most popular of the three, with banana cream not finding many backers. However, in the realm of mass gainers, if you had to choose a product purely based on the taste, the Arnold Iron Mass would definitely be on your shopping list!


The primary purpose of a mass gainer is to be a protein supplement with more calories thrown in via the fat and carbohydrate route. In that department, the usual proce of around $48.97 for a 2.2kg tub of Arnold Iron Mass brings it out to about $2.11 per serving. Considering that you need to take about three servings a day, that’s about $6.33 a day. More importantly, you get about 24-servings per 2.2kg tub so if you do plan to stick to the three-servings a day recommended plan, you will end up spending $48.97 every eight days, or almost $190 over the course of a month.

While at par with some of the other big brands in the market, like Optimum Nutrition’s Pro-Complex Gainer, it is extremely expensive compared to some of the other popular products out there, like Optimum Nutrition’s other weight gainer, Serious Mass! For anyone who’s not a professional athlete, that price-tag might be a bit too steep!

The best price we found for a 5 lb tub is almost always at



For that kind of price, you’d expect the Arnold Iron Mass to be extremely effective. Truth is – it is! The 485-calorie per serving really adds a ton of good calories to your body and helps you gain that lean mass you need. Most people have noticed significant gains over the course of a two-week usage period. It has to be noted that mass gainers aren’t wizardry in a tub – they are products that merely provide you additional calories in a convenient package.

More importantly, putting on bulk is a lot more about the number of calories you consume versus the number of calories you burn, so if you are eating it alongside your regular or exaggerated diet (to gain mass), you might notice quicker results. If you are, however, eating it instead of your regular meals, the results may not be as pronounced.

The Arnold Iron Mass is extremely potent in a number of other departments as well – for example, if you are looking to repair your fatigued muscles, it does the job brilliantly! If you are trying to find some additional energy for your workouts, it will stand by your side. As long as you are putting in extra work in the gym, you will be able to find the supplement doing its job quite well in the background.

Side Effects:

Even though protein supplements are notorious for upsetting stomachs of individuals who are extremely sensitive to this variety of macronutrient, the Arnold Iron Mass comes with a healthy dose of digestive aids that are designed to take care of that very issue. Along with the pro-digest blend, it also contains about a gram of digestive fibres per serving, so you get even more support to help it get absorbed completely into your system.

If you do encounter any kinds of side effects, make sure you consult a medical professional before continuing with the supplement.

For For

  • Extremely effective art muscle growth and repair
  • Great calorie content per serving
  • Digestive aids allow for complete absorption
  • Energy burst for training
  • Ideal for professional athletes and bodybuilders

Against Against

  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited flavors


Arnold Iron Mass – Our Verdict:

When it comes to weight training and supplements, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series is one of the best you can find out there and the Arnold Iron Mass right up there with the top products. If you can get over the price-factor, and you will if you are a professional athlete or body builder, you are likely to enjoy the effects of an extremely potent mass gainer. High protein content and a strong dose of calories ensures that you will get a wonderful mass gainer that has high quality ingredients and performs extremely well when put to the test.

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Per Serving (1 Scoop – 95g):

Calories – 485
Calories From Fat – 190
Total Fat – 21 Grams
Saturated Fat – 1 Grams
Trans Fat – 1 Grams
Cholesterol – 2 mg
Sodium – 240 mg
Potassium – 550 mg
Total Carbohydrate – 34 Grams
Dietary Fiber – 1 Grams
Sugars – 4 Grams
Protein – 40 GramsIron Mass Propriatery Blend – 71500 mg
Elite Complex Carbohydrates Matrix
Sweet Potato Powder, Barley StarchMuscle Plasma Protein Matrix
Hydrolyzed Beef Protein, LactoferrinHigh Perfomance Healthy Fats Matrix
Sunflower Oil powder, Whipped Cream Powder, MCT PowderPerfomance Growth & Muscle Volumizer
Creatine Monohydrate, BCAA Nitrates, L-Glycine, D-RibosePro-Digest Blend
Protease, Lactase, Inulin, Amylase, Lipase, FructooligosaccharidesOther Ingredients: Natural And Artificial Flavors, Glucose Polymers, Cocoa Powder, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose.